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Smartphone-Optimized Websites See More New Business Activity

But most businesses are not yet smartphone-friendly. Is yours?

mobile marketingHow do you feel when you open a company’s website on your smartphone and it’s not optimized? Maybe you scroll around enough to see part of the restaurant’s menu or the shop’s selection of running shoes, but you eventually give up, don’t you?

And someone just lost a sale.

Mobile-friendly sites garner more sales, according to a recent study by 60 percent of the companies surveyed have a website, but only 14 percent of small business owners host sites that are built specifically for mobile.

And of those 14 percent, 84 percent have seen an increase in new business activity.

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What Do The State Fair and Facebook Have In Common?

A lot, actually, but here’s the point: People go there to get free stuff. That unrestricted access may be changing, but businesses are increasingly finding leads and making sales on Facebook.

In the early internet days, a friend of mine who knew I worked in the technology field asked, You mean you can just get into it for free? Who’s paying for all of this?

The gravy train may be pulling out of the station, according to a recent article in The Atlantic. The social media revolution is about to get a little less awesome, it states.  Where maximizing users’ delight was the, “only currency that mattered,”  in the first few years, that currency is about to change from attention to profit.

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Producing Leads?

A recent revamp of LinkedIn’s Profile pages tightens them up. Here’s the new look – and some tips on generating sales leads there.

When you’re consulting expert sources for help acquiring leads online, you’re probably getting advice on subtle sales techniques for Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn, possibly the best web-based venue for business networking, gets short shrift. Something about it just isn’t as flashy. Or sexy. Or something.

It might surprise you, then, to hear the results of a study of more than 5,000 businesses that our partner HubSpot conducted earlier this year. The survey indicated that LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate (2.74 percent). Twitter (.69 percent) and Facebook (.77 percent) trailed considerably.

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Not Getting Sales Leads? Revisit Your Calls To Action

They may appear on all of your social sites, but are your calls-to-action effective?

So you’re a social media rock star. You’re active on the major social sites, helping customers solve problems and engaging them in conversations. You’re publishing blog posts and adding updates to Facebook and Twitter. You’ve polished your SEO skills, and your website’s a winner.

Still, you’re not getting leads.

It’s good to take a subtle, gentle approach in much of your online sharing. But not in your call-to-action (CTA). It’s the one time when you should yell at your customers, telling them precisely what it is that you’d like them to do. Nicely.

Most websites don’t do this well.

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