5 Social Business Tools That Make Me Look Like a Superstar

It’s common to wear many hats when working for a startup. More and more frequently as a business professional you will find yourself wearing a Marketing hat one minute and a Sales hat the next. To maintain sanity you must have the right tools at your disposal. Here are five of my favorite tools that not only streamline my workflow but help me grow my network and build my personal brand.

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6 Things I Learned About Relationship Management From Mad Men’s Joan Holloway

With her pencil skirts, well-coifed hair, and business savvy by the truckload, Ms. Joan Holloway is a memorable character from the popular Mad Men series. For the Nimble team, she has provided a wealth of inspiration for current Nimble features and our future roadmap.

We talk all the time about the persona of the core Nimble customer. We call him Jack… Jack be Nimble (leave the jokes right there, pal). Jack values building business relationships as the primary way to grow his business. Jack is damned busy, so he values efficiency and seamless productivity. And Jack is human, so he forgets things from time to time and frankly knows that he could never remember it all. Jack relies on his business tools to have his back.

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Link Building: 90 Seconds to Basic Understanding

What is Link Building and Why Do I Care?

Link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage.

Increasing your social footprint is an inexpensive and effective way to build your personal and business brand. Link building is one of the most effective (and yet still underrated) methods for establishing your reputation and improving search engine rankings for your website or blog.

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Nimble Tip: Save a Social Search

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly crawling the internet in search of prospects talking about certain topics. Keywords, keywords, keywords. It can be weary having to start your search from scratch each time you have the need. No more!

Now when you do a Social Search in Nimble – you can Save It and reference it time and time again. To save a Social Search simply type your search phrase in the query field on the Signals page and then select Save Search in the results header.

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